Chinotto Coffee Orange Rhubarb Red bitter Stappjno White bitter Lemon Tonic water Gassosa

Di Iorio produces two lines of bottled beverages, one in glass and another in PET cartons. The former is sold either singly or in cluster.

The state-of-the-art technology and the use of high-quality ingredients, combined with the Molisia mineral water as a base for the beverages, insure consistent top-quality products.

A list of these products and the various packaging options follows:

  • Non-alcoholic aperitifs – glass bottles of 100 ml – Red and white bitters, stappjno, rhubarb Carbonated beverages in glass bottles – lemon, orange, bitter orange, tonic water, coffee – in the following sizes:
    - 180 and 200 ml 250 ml (both deposit and no-return)
    - 1 litre (both deposit and no-return)

  • Beverages in PET cartons: (lemonade, orange juice, chinotto, ginger, bitters, tea and flavoured water)
    - 500 ml
    - 1.5 litre
    - 2 litre